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About our Industrial Mechanics Company

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Constant innovation to remain true to our commitment

Since it was founded in the 90s in Louiseville, Omnifab has continuously improved and reinvented itself to better serve its customers. This is essential in a sector such as industrial mechanics, where technologies and needs are constantly evolving.

However, some things should stay the same. Our products and services have continued to meet high quality standards because we stay true to our vision and values and share them with our employees.

Our mission

Omnifab’s mission is to bring industrial solutions to urgent problems by materializing ingenious ideas and ensuring peace of mind through a turnkey service.

This can involve designing, manufacturing and repairing high quality mechanical components. We not only do this to ensure our own success, but also the success of our valued customers.

We carry out each project with the goal of supporting our customers in their search for solutions to improve their equipment and productivity, whatever their area of activity. This is why our slogan is “as pledged”.

It evokes our commitment to provide products and services with quality that exceeds expectations, always respecting standards, budgets and deadlines.

Our vision: be a leader in Canadian industrial mechanics

At Omnifab, each of our business decisions and actions contribute to achieving our company’s vision.

This consists of maintaining a level of profitable growth by being recognized throughout Quebec and Canada for the excellence of our products and services.

Values that reflect our approach to industrial mechanics

Our team has always remained true to its values. These values are at the heart of our work and have contributed to our reputation in the industrial mechanics sector.

On the other hand, we believe that the success of a collaboration between two organizations is based on shared core values. That’s why if these values resonate strongly with your company, we want to work with you!

The Omnifab team: bringing together talent in industrial mechanics

Our dedicated team is made up of about 100 employees, all specialized in their field of expertise and dedicated to benefiting our clients with their knowledge. Each team member is dedicated to surpassing themselves everyday to achieve nothing less than perfection.

In each of our projects, our engineers, machinists, mechanical engineering technicians, welders, industrial mechanics, electromechanics and day labourers are committed to carrying out projects aimed at improving our clients’ equipment, productivity and safety.

Work organization inspired by NASCAR

Mechanical manufacturing and NASCAR racing have a lot in common.
In both cases, every piece, every millimetre, every second can make a difference between success and failure. We have to make the best possible use of available resources and be bold enough to stand out from the pack.

In addition, whether in our plant or in the field, mechanics and engineers must work together to develop and apply unique strategies that will take us to the next level.

In NASCAR, teams must also be receptive to the driver’s requests and comments and make appropriate adjustments to the car. We show the same openness to our customers’ requests and requirements to get them to the top of the podium.

So it’s no coincidence that our work organization is inspired by NASCAR.

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