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Industrial Machinery and Equipment Assembly and Installation Services

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For carefully assembled and properly installed equipment!

Omnifab is proud to offer industrial machinery and equipment assembly and installation services that meet the needs and requirements of companies in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the Northeastern United States.

As a leader in mechanical manufacturing, our interventions guarantee that your equipment will be perfectly assembled using the best tools and techniques.

We can also come to your location to install your equipment and reduce delays and middlemen.

Certified company

Quick and reliable service

We travel anywhere

Industrial equipment assembly and installation with Omnifab

If you want your industrial equipment to be reliable and efficient, you should not take its assembly and installation lightly.

When you choose Omnifab for your new machine’s assembly, you know that you are dealing with talented specialists who have proven expertise and will bring your projects to life. Working with the utmost precision using state-of-the-art tools, we ensure a successful outcome, as pledged.

If you need our team’s help to install new equipment, we will come to your facilities with everything you need. You can be sure that your machine will operate to its full potential and in full compliance.

  • Manufacturing and heavy equipment assembly
  • Machine installation
  • Mobile assembly
  • Machine dismantling
  • Equipment moving
  • Factory moving
  • Industrial equipment upgrades
  • Machine calibration
  • Computer system configuration
  • Machine safety
  • Machine start-up and commissioning
  • And more
  • Electromechanics
  • Mechanics
  • Electric
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Many welding types

Guarantee installation compliancy

Omnifab is an ISN and Cognibox certified company. This certification guarantees that each of our interventions is done in full compliance with your industry’s regulations.

In addition, if we need to weld components for a machine or equipment assembly, our CWB (CSA W47.1 and CSA W47.2) certified welders make sure that the welds are flawless and resistant.

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Omnifab adapts to your schedule

Installing new industrial equipment may require a shutdown of your construction site or production line.

To avoid any loss of productivity, we can come during your planned shutdown periods during the day, evening and even night, as pledged.

Our expertise includes much more than mechanical equipment assembly and installation

Mechanical equipment assembly and installation requires a variety of industrial mechanics skills.

Omnifab’s installers can count on the support of all our departments. For each new project, our engineers, machinists, mechanics, welders and machine safety specialists put their expertise to work to make sure that your equipment complies with the plans and specifications.

A few of our achievements that testify to our assembly and installation expertise

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