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Design and Manufacturing of a Pallet Conveyor

One of our recent mandates came from a client in the logistics sector: the development of a pallet conveyor.

For a company that regularly works with merchandise pallets, this type of conveyor is indispensable. It makes the work of handlers safer and more efficient.

In this article, discover how our teams were able to meet the challenges presented by our client!

Client’s specific objectives

During our meeting with the client, they made it clear that they were seeking a custom conveyor solution, as no mass-produced industrial equipment could perfectly meet their needs.

These needs were primarily to improve ergonomics at work and to minimize the use of forklifts.

To achieve these specific objectives, our industrial mechanics company suggested designing and fabricating a pallet conveyor.

Our design allowed for the final product to be received in rolls and created a system capable of automatically stacking products on the conveyor line. Not to mention, it greatly improved the ergonomics and safety of employees when handling the rolls.

The benefits of a pallet conveyor for our client

To meet our client’s needs, our pallet conveyor also had to offer several major advantages:

  • A smooth system that reduces clutter in the warehouse: our pallet conveyor maximizes floor space and minimizes the handling of heavy loads.
  • Flexible handling that limits damage: the conveyor manages a wide variety of pallet weights and sizes. Smooth starts and stops ensure that fragile or unstable loads are conveyed without damage.
  • Precise synchronization and positioning for optimal operation: the implementation of a queuing system ensures that pallets are not mixed up or damaged while waiting to be processed.

Let us design your custom conveyor today!

Several of our departments worked on this pallet conveyor project

Due to the complexity of this project and the number of parts to be machined and assembled, numerous departments at Omnifab collaborated to successfully complete this pallet conveyor project.

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