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Our Mechanical Engineering Services

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Our Mechanical Engineering Services

Few mechanical engineering firms have the versatility to step in at any stage of an industrial machinery project. However, it’s exactly what Omnifab does.

Our experienced and creative engineers can effortlessly help organizations tackle nearly any challenge related to the development or optimization of industrial equipment.

In addition, as specialists in industrial mechanical manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to swiftly turn a concept into reality, just as promised.

Engineers at your service
Designers for your projects

Our mechanical engineering expertise unfolds through a wide range of services

Industrial Design

Industrial Design:

Let us turn your ideas into technical drawings or review your plans.
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Industrial Machinery Design and Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery Design and Manufacturing:

Count on us to design new machines or production tools for you.
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Machine Enhancement and Prototyping

Machine Enhancement and Prototyping:

Bring your industrial equipment ideas to life from a drawing or model.
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Industrial Automation and Robotization

Industrial Automation and Robotization:

Automate a task, an industrial process, or an entire production line.
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Custom Lifting Equipment

Custom Lifting Equipment:

Improve your productivity and safety with our custom lifting equipment.
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Custom Conveyor Manufacturing Service

Custom Conveyor Manufacturing Service:

Choose a conveyor system truly designed and manufactured to meet your needs and goals.
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3D scanning service

3D scanning service:

Using our portable 3D scanner, we can capture the most intricate details of physical objects to create functional digital designs.
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Why is Omnifab considered a leading reference in mechanical engineering?

Our staff has an impressive academic and professional background

When you entrust a project to our mechanical engineering department, you’re guaranteeing that it will be handled by specialists who excel not only in theoretical concepts.

Thanks to their experience gained through dozens of completed projects, our engineers and engineering technicians also have an excellent understanding of the needs of people “in the field” and the challenges they face.

In other words, our creations are not only effective on paper!

We work with the best tools available

Our team of engineers and draftsmen utilizes cutting-edge computer tools. We work with the latest versions of industrial drafting software that set the standard in the industry.

  • Inventor©
  • AutoCAD©
  • Etc.

With these, we can perform 3D modeling, 3D animations, assembly plans, manufacturing drawings, and detailed drawings

We pay special attention to the "safety" aspect

Preventing workplace accidents is one of our priorities.

That’s why when our engineers design new equipment, they always ensure it’s a model of ergonomics and safety.

 In fact, our company has established itself as a leader in machine safety and also provides risk analysis and machine securing services to help you achieve compliance.

We understand your business challenges

The solutions developed by our team always take into account our clients’ business objectives and constraints.

Our mechanical engineers are also familiar with the laws and regulations with which companies in many sectors have to comply:

  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Metallurgical Sector (steel and aluminum smelters)
  • Cement Plants
  • Oil Industry
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Transportation Sector
  • Forestry Industry
  • Etc.

Pas de pause pour vos projets!

Notre équipe sera en fonction pendant les vacances de la construction 2024.