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An efficient method for cutting thick metals

At Omnifab, we’re proud to offer metal cutting services to companies in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the Northeastern United States.

Thanks to our CNC oxy-fuel cutting equipment, we can create the parts you need with a high level of precision and unbeatable turnaround times, as pledged!

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Unbeatable delivery

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Oxy-fuel cutting at Omnifab

Metal oxy-fuel cutting (sometimes referred to as blowtorch cutting, oxy cutting, or flame cutting) is a preferred technique for cutting metals that are too thick to be cut by laser or plasma.

In our facility, oxy-fuel cutting is performed using a CNC machine equipped with a torch that directs a jet of propylene and pure oxygen onto a metal area brought to its melting point (approximately 1,300 degrees Celsius). Interestingly, it is the rapid oxidation (chemical reaction between pure oxygen and steel to form iron oxide) under the oxygen jet that cuts the metal, rather than the power of the jet.

Use our oxy-fuel cutting service to speed up the completion of your industrial machine or construction projects. Whatever the scale of your project, we guarantee impeccable workmanship and timely delivery of all your metal components.

So, don’t hesitate to entrust us with single-unit or serial production mandates!

Oxy-fuel cutting can be used to cut mild or low-alloy steel plates or sheets.

Our  Diamond Cut™cutting table is designed for high precision cutting applications, particularly thanks to its inverted linear rails.

Numerically controlled (CNC), it can be programmed to create complex shapes with minimal human intervention.

With our 5 x 10-foot cutting table, we are capable of cutting large-scale components for your industrial projects.

We can cut metals with a thickness of up to 8 inches (20 cm).

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Our turnkey approach makes your projects execution easier

In addition to oxy-fuel cutting, we excel in many other techniques for shaping metals and other materials to your specifications.

Our mechanical manufacturing capabilities also include:

Furthermore, our versatile team also includes engineers and mechanical designers. These experts in industrial design and automation are at your service to create tailor-made equipment or machinery capable of enhancing productivity and safety in your facility.

Omnifab even has a mobile industrial mechanics team that is ready to come to your site to ensure that your equipment is delivered, installed, and maintained to provide optimal performance.

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