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Because entering and working in confined spaces is always risky

Omnifab is proud to offer an industrial facility safety service designed to meet the needs of businesses in Quebec who want to eliminate the risks of accidents related to working in confined spaces.

If you want to implement measures to eliminate or reduce risks during operations in confined spaces, let us offer you a turnkey solution that eliminates the need for multiple contractors.

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Quick turnkey approach


Compliance guaranteed


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Omnifab offers complete solutions to secure your confined spaces

There are many potential hazards for those who need to work in confined spaces. Fortunately, we can help you protect your employees by offering customized solutions to secure these spaces.

Our machine safety specialists can assess the risks posed by your confined spaces and implement a comprehensive safety strategy.

Working in confined spaces, common in various industrial sectors (tanks, silos, vats, manholes, pits, sewers, pipes, cisterns, etc.) can involve several types of risk:

  • Atmospheric (lack of oxygen, toxic gases, noxious fumes, etc.)
  • Chemical (risk of burns or allergic reactions)
  • Biological (animals, insects, microorganisms)
  • Falls (fall from a height or an object)
  • Mechanical (moving equipment parts, cutting parts, projection)
  • Physical (moving materials, electricity, noise, vibrations, radiation, thermal risk)
  • Ergonomics (restrictive postures, physiology and psychology of the worker, clothing worn)

Our experts are able to identify and evaluate these risks and reduce them with custom solutions.

A good way to make working in confined spaces less risky is to make sure you have a standardized and effective entry and rescue procedures in place.

We can help you develop work and rescue data sheets and confined space entry permits.

As a mechanical manufacturing company, we have unmatched engineering, machining and welding expertise. We can therefore adapt your facilities to prevent incidents and facilitate rescue operations.

We can design, manufacture and install various equipment dedicated to the safety of workers in confined spaces:

  • Anchor points
  • Winches
  • Tripods

Secure your confined spaces now

Our confined space safety solutions meet CNESST requirements

Our interventions to secure work in confined spaces guarantee your compliance with the various governing laws, regulations and standards.

  • Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (RSST)
  • Canada Labour Code, Part II, Health and Safety
  • Canadian Standard CSA Z1006, Management of Work in Confined Spaces

We cover all aspects of facility and machine safety

Are the prevention of workplace incidents and the safety of your employees among your company’s priorities? If so, eliminating risks should not be limited to securing your confined spaces.

All of Omnifab’s departments work together to offer a wide range of services related to the safety of machines and work environments.

A few achievements that testify to our safety expertise for working in confined spaces

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Contact our machine safety specialists

Contact us for more information on our turnkey machine or facility safety services or to entrust us with the task of securing a confined space.