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Industrial Machinery Design and Manufacturing Service

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Our engineers think outside the box to increase your productivity!

At Omnifab, we are proud to offer an industrial machinery design and manufacturing service that meets the needs of companies in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the Northeastern United States.

If you need new equipment to increase your production or performance, our engineers will design it based on your requirements and constraints.

As a leader in the mechanical manufacturing sector, we can even offer a turnkey approach that includes the design, manufacturing, assembly and installation of your custom industrial equipment, as pledged.

Turnkey approach

Certified company

Unbeatable turnaround times

Custom industrial machinery design and manufacturing

You’ve searched but can’t find the right equipment, part, or system to increase your productivity or push your automation further? You can count on us to design new machines or modify your existing industrial equipment with creativity, precision and expertise.

Our engineering team is recognized for its ability to think outside the box and offer innovative solutions using the most efficient and advanced technologies in the field of:

  • Mechanics
  • Electromechanics
  • Automation
  • Electric
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics

Our engineering department specializes in customized industrial design. This means that we are able to develop several types of concepts or prototypes that can then be manufactured in our own plant:

  • Production equipment
  • Production machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Special-purpose machinery
  • Production tooling
  • Production jigs
  • Complete production lines
  • Lifting equipment
  • Handling systems
  • Various types of conveyors
  • Packaging systems
  • And much more

We provide quality control throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing process of a machine using our team’s expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

All machine design and manufacturing projects assigned to us are supervised by qualified engineers to make sure that they meet the required standards and regulations of the most demanding industries, especially in terms of machine safety.

In addition, efficiency, budget and deadlines are prioritized at every stage of the project, as pledged.

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Our certifications guarantee a flawless design and manufacturing process

Omnifab is a Cognibox and ISN certified company. This guarantees that our industrial mechanics interventions and the machines we design comply with the regulations in your industry.

All designs produced by our team as part of an industrial machine project are approved by our mechanical engineers so that they meet the ISO 9000 Series standards.

If we need to weld components when manufacturing your machine or equipment, our certified welders will also make sure that the welds are flawless and resistant.

Our versatility guarantees a project with no unwanted surprises

Our greatest strength is our ability to provide you with a turnkey approach that significantly reduces the number of stakeholders involved in the project.

As a result, we maintain perfect control over the quality of the work, but more importantly, we prevent cost overruns and meet your deadlines.

When you hand us your project, all our departments are involved to contribute to its completion from A to Z, on schedule. Engineering, machining, welding, laser cutting and industrial mechanics all work together under one roof to build you a machine as promised, and proudly display the Omnifab logo.

A few achievements that show our industrial machinery design and manufacturing expertise

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