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Your Mechanical Manufacturing Partner in Quebec and Canada

In less than twenty years, Omnifab has made its place in the mechanical manufacturing industry in Quebec.

We have earned this place by offering a unique turnkey solution to large companies and SMEs that want to modernize their production line or have their industrial equipment repaired.
No matter your industry, you can count on our team to manufacture custom industrial machinery or solve your mechanical problems with great precision, in a timely manner and with quality components, as pledged.

Our departments meet all your needs with custom solutions

Benefits of having us manufacture and maintain your industrial machinery

Choosing Omnifab for all your mechanical manufacturing needs means benefiting from many advantages that contribute to achieving your business goals.

Quick execution

We are sensitive to your issues and do everything we can to quickly resolve urgent situations and limit your downtime. We are ready to work twice as hard to meet the promised deadlines set when you hire us for a project.

Peace of mind

The mechanical and industrial equipment that we manufacture surpasses industry quality standards and complies with the requirements of occupational health and safety authorities.

Cutting out middlemen

Our multidisciplinary team and our state-of-the-art facilities give us the ability to carry out all of your projects without support from other parties or sub-contractors.


All our departments (mechanical engineering, machining and welding, industrial mechanics and machine safety) work together and communicate with each other to make sure that nothing is left to chance. Each step of a project is meticulously synchronized and planned with standardized processes.

A turnkey approach

As soon as a project is handed over to us, a team is immediately mobilized to carry it out from A to Z. Our services include EVERYTHING, from the picking up to the delivery of parts, not to mention design and manufacturing.

Our most recent mechanical manufacturing projects

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