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Design and Manufacturing of a Custom Flatbed for Our Dodge Ram 5500 Truck

In the following paragraphs, we introduce you to a very special project, which began with an idea from our president, Yvon. In the spring of 2023, he made the decision that the flatbed of our new truck would be designed and manufactured in-house.

This challenge represented an ideal opportunity for him to strengthen the team spirit as several departments would have the chance to add their unique touch.

Shortly after, the project was launched. Here are the details.

The Initial Project Framework: A Dodge Ram 5500 Chassis Cab Truck

The loading platform to be created was intended for our new delivery fleet truck: a Dodge Ram 5500 Chassis Cab with a loading capacity exceeding 10,000 lbs. Our team had to ensure that the flatbed would be compatible with this production model.

Designing the Flatbed Platform

The design of the flatbed started with meetings during which several concepts were explored. The project left plenty of room for creativity as the only constraints were that the platform had to fit the truck chassis and comply with the maximum width allowed on the road (101 inches).

Our mechanical engineering team then moved to the drawing board and developed all the plans for the platform. Key features include:

  • A 100% aluminum construction, lightweight to maximize the truck’s loading capacity.
  • Dimensions of 8 x 16 feet, allowing for the transportation of large parts and components.
  • Attachment systems that facilitate securing loads of all shapes.
  • Spacious storage compartments to accommodate all the necessary equipment during mobile interventions.
  • A unique appearance (lights, angles, fenders, etc.).

In short, no design detail was spared to ensure that the result is compliant, safe, practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Manufacturing and installation of the flatbed

After the plans were approved, the project management team used them as a basis for ordering all the necessary materials.

Once the raw materials and components were delivered to our factory, the manufacturing process began in our metal cutting department. With our CNC equipment, our laser cutting specialists were able to precisely cut the aluminum.

The freshly cut parts were then handed over to our industrial welding team. Using TIG type welding, they assembled them to shape the flatbed.

Next, the platform was temporarily installed on the Ram to ensure its compatibility with the truck’s various systems (fuel tank, lights, etc.).

After conclusive testing, the platform was sent to our industrial painting partners to receive its official colors.

Once painted, the platform was permanently attached to the truck’s chassis. For this step, we collaborated with Marcellin Diesel, whose team possesses advanced knowledge in vehicle integration.

From this point, only the finishing touch remained: the lettering, expertly executed by the Yamachiche firm Graphitech.

A flatbed truck that will prove very handy for deliveries to small job sites

In conclusion, the project’s objective to further strengthen the bonds between our departments has been successfully met. Throughout the process, communication was seamless, and a strong sense of camaraderie prevailed.

Not to mention the fact that, thanks to this accomplishment, our team will be able to move even more efficiently on job sites where navigating with a trailer is challenging, especially for delivering machined parts.

In short, this achievement is as advantageous for our team as it does for our customers!