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The benefits of laser alignment of rotary machines

Laser alignment of rotary machines is common practice in the industrial sector. Indeed, when this type of equipment runs into difficulties or simply no longer operates optimally, the cause is often a misalignment or imbalance. To avoid downtime, extend machine life and keep costs down, it’s best to opt for laser alignment of these machines.

Generally speaking, this involves using laser devices to check and adjust the precise alignment of a machine’s rotating components, such as shafts, pulleys, gears or couplings.

Why choose laser alignment for your rotary machines?

Laser alignment is a way of maintaining and dynamically balancing your rotary machines and ensuring that your business is not disrupted by breakage or misalignment.
More specifically, here are seven advantages of opting for laser alignment of your rotary machines:

1. Vibration reduction

Precise alignment helps minimize excessive vibration in rotating machines. These can lead to premature component wear, bearing damage and even system failure. Not to mention excessive noise and reduced overall system performance. Then, eventually, there’s the additional expense of replacing vibration-induced breakdowns.

2. Energy saving

Properly aligned machines require less energy to operate. Laser alignment helps optimize energy efficiency by reducing power losses.

3. Extended component life

As mentioned earlier, precise alignment reduces wear on components such as bearings and gears. This helps extend the life of rotating machines, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Improving product quality

In some applications, particularly in the manufacturing industry, precise alignment is crucial to guarantee the quality of the end product. Poorly aligned machines can lead to production defects.

5. Reduced downtime

Laser alignment enables alignment problems to be detected early and corrected before they lead to major failures. This helps to reduce unplanned machine downtime, enabling you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

6. A safer working environment

Misalignment can lead to dangerous operating conditions, such as excessive vibration, unbalanced loads and high mechanical stress. Rigorous machine maintenance is essential for a safe working environment.

7. Easier installation

Laser alignment facilitates initial machine installation. It ensures that components are correctly positioned from the outset, reducing potential long-term problems.

Entrust your maintenance needs to our team of professionals

Let our experts take care of your equipment maintenance

In short, laser alignment of rotating machinery is an essential practice to ensure the smooth running, reliability and durability of industrial equipment, while contributing to more efficient and economical operations.

With state-of-the-art portable equipment and advanced industrial mechanics skills, our team is uniquely equipped to keep your rotating systems running smoothly.

At Omnifab, we can offer you fully customized preventive maintenance plans tailored to your needs. So you can get on with your work with peace of mind. In fact, we’re already doing it for a number of industries in sectors as diverse as food, pulp and paper, mining and more!

Our specially trained technicians can travel anywhere in Quebec to take care of your equipment. Not to mention that we are a Cognibox and ISN accredited industrial maintenance management company.

Whether you’d like to entrust us with a mandate or find out more about our maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.