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Design and Manufacturing of a Kindling Wood Production Machine

In Quebec, wood is an abundant resource used in many sectors, including construction, pulp and paper, and more.

A few months ago, one of our clients in the wood processing sector entrusted us with the task of creating a machine capable of turning their wood scraps into kindling wood bags.

Here is a summary of this major project.

The client’s objective: optimize profitability with an automated kindling wood production machine

When our client reached out to us, they explained that they had accumulated a significant quantity of wood scraps of varying lengths and sizes. Their desire was to turn these scraps into a profitable product by selling them as kindling wood in bags.

However, for the kindling wood production to be profitable, it was crucial that it could be operated by a single person without the risk of injury.

Creating the kindling wood machine

To meet the client’s needs, our engineers envisioned and designed a machine that retrieves wood, cuts it to the right length, distributes it, sorts it, allows for bagging, and seals the kindling wood packages. All of this is automated under the supervision of a single operator.

Once the plans for the machine had been completed and approved by our engineering department, our machining and welding department could start working on the machine’s manufacturing and assembly. Techniques such as laser cutting, plasma cutting and metal bending were used to create the machine’s structure.

Gradually, elements like conveyors and other drive systems, electric motors, and optical sensors were integrated into the machine until it finally took its definitive form and was able to fulfill its role.

Boost your productivity with a customized machine

Omnifab: Providing Industrial Equipment That Meets Your Needs and Ambitions

For our team, this achievement is a fantastic example of what Omnifab can do for its clients in the field of industrial mechanical manufacturing. We analyze requirements, develop and offer customized solutions, and then manufacture reliable and high-performance equipment.

What’s more, we can even provide an after-sales service to help maximize your investment.

It’s our unique turnkey approach that cuts both turnaround times and intermediaries, just as promised! To find out more about our services and how they can contribute to your company’s success, contact us!