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Making a steel endless screw for a shredder screen system

A few months ago, one of our long-standing customers in the mining sector entrusted us with the task of repairing an endless screw that was an integral part of a grinding screen system.

Here’s a summary of this project, which involved several members of our versatile team.

A repair project involving the manufacture of a new endless screw


When he contacted us, the client expressed the need to repair an endless screw, an important component of a crusher screen he uses in his commercial activities. This auger system, when running, conveys the aggregates to the crusher screen, much like a conveyor belt.

However, as the screw was in a rather advanced state of deterioration, we offered to manufacture a new endless steel screw instead. We also decided to rebuild the other parts of the system.

Do you need a new steel worm (endless) screw?

Our industrial design team’s contribution

To help us create a new endless screw with exactly the same dimensions as the old one, we got hold of the latter’s original drawings.

Unfortunately, because these drawings were incomplete, we couldn’t manufacture a new worm, so we involved our industrial design department in the project.

Our draftsmen made the necessary additions and modifications to the original drawings.

A manufacturing process that mobilized our welding department

With the new drawings and the old screw in hand, we had everything we needed to create the new one and ensure that it had the perfect dimensions. The job was then handed over to our team of certified welders.

It was our team of welders who welded the steel helical spline (the threads) securely onto the shaft. It was a job that demanded great precision but was able to give the necessary durability to this screw that would be put to the test.

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For us, this project illustrates the ability of our industrial mechanics company to find solutions quickly when a challenge arises. Thanks to our collective experience and the talents of our employees, problem situations are more like opportunities to set us apart from our competitors.

That’s why, if your industrial equipment needs repair or updating, we can offer you customized solutions that will make your machines even safer and more efficient.

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